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Chuck from Sandy visited on Mar 28, 2022

"Attended a track meet over two days

Thanks for the hospitality! Not sure if my phone sent this in the first time or not."

Brandon Call from Orem, UT visited on Jan 20, 2020

"We stayed over the weekend for our anniversary. We went to Snow Canyon, hiked Hidden Pinyon Trail and played in the sand dunes. "

Ravell from Farmington visited on Apr 27, 2016

"I recaulked the master tub and hope there won't be anymore leaks of water around the ends onto the walls. I sanded, filled and repainted the two wall areas at the end of the tub where wall was water damaged. I also filled and repainted where the dead bolt hit the door jam and dented it. It's probably hard to remember that autolock when closing the door. I got a new TV box working...which is really nice. The pictures are very high definition, especially for channels above 100. You use the tv remote to turn the tv on and off but volume, tv guide, and channel surfing is done with the cable box remote. There are a number of channels listed in the guide that we don't get. But there are many we do, including a couple of HBO channels. I've set a restriction above PG13. The tv restriction code is the same as the door code. I called to have the dishwasher fixed. Someone should be in on Wednesday to fix it. I put together the nightstand that Dan and Jared bought. It is in the room with the twins and looks good. We went to church on Sunday at the ward. It was Stake Conference and was good. I took bike rides on Saturday and Monday. We visited Colette's brother Bob on Sunday and had a good time. It was really nice weather. Opening the doors or windows cooled it off quickly in the evening. But Colette talked about the bat that flew in one night."

Ma and Pa from Farmington visited on Apr 24, 2016

"We, I mean Pa spent the first day fixing things. I opened the doors and let the wind blow through wrapped up in a blankey and watched tv. Dad fixes a few things everytime we come. I hope this summer we can get some pictures ready to hang on the wall. Saturday went on a bike ride. I checked out the dump, DI, and Bob's backyard. I found my house twice without getting lost.

I learned that if you leave the windows open in the evening you might be visited by a bat. I named him Batty. I think he came in the bedroom window. He chose the front door to leave. "

Tyler & Kenzie from Kaysville, UT visited on Apr 14, 2016

"We brought our friends Shereesa and Austin with us, they have recently found a love for mountain biking and Austin just purchased a new bike. Last time we were at the Flash House we rode the Jem Trail out in Virgin and Bear Claw Poppy near the condo. We wanted to try something new this trip so Tyler showed us Gooseberry. We knew it was going to be a much more difficult trail and the wind was strong but we planned on it anyway. Gooseberry was challenging and Kenzie ended up taking her first crash on her mountain bike, but it gave everyone more experience on their bikes. We rode Bear Claw Poppy the next day and ended up doing it in half the time of last time. We pushed ourselves and made it up hills we couldn't the time before. It was a blast! One of the days it was so windy we couldn't ride, so we drove down to Vegas and got Pink Box Donuts. The Cronut is to die for. We enjoyed eating at Even Stevens when we got back to St. George, where for every sandwich purchased, they donate a sandwich to the local community organizations in need. Next time we come down we plan on hiking Angels Landing in Zion. Thanks for letting us stay!! We love it! "

Brandon Call Family from Orem visited on Apr 9, 2016

"We arrived and watched General Conference to start off our Spring Break Vacation. At Chaysie's recommendation, we visited White Rock Amphitheater and the white sand dune in the amphitheater. We also went to the Lava Tube. We went to Cottonwood Cove which is a really fun city park for kids and then we visited Don Pedro's for lunch and had a great meal. We hit the Dinosaur Discovery Museum and learned a bunch of stuff about dinosaurs. This was the only place that I have seen that has skin impressions of dinosaurs. We also used the Flash House as a mid-point to get to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon was really fun and great to see, but it is another 5 hours of driving. We camped at Mather Campground for two nights and that was plenty. The red line of the shuttle system which services the west side of the resort has great views and is far less crowded.

We decided that we would make cookies for General Conference and we found that we needed a few more kitchen supplies. We bought a cookie sheet and a some heat resistant serving spoons. I like the new night lights in the master bedroom. Landon loved the touch lamp in his bedroom."

Chaysie from Kaysville, UT visited on Mar 25, 2016

"We came for a family reunion. Our family, two of Brian's siblings, and two nephews stayed with us. We hiked to Whiterocks Amphitheater, played in the sand at Snow Canyon, Hiked to the Lava Tubes in Snow Canyon, hiked the Green Valley Gap (and wished we were rock climbing), swam in the freezing cold pool at the condo, had an Easter Egg hunt, and played at both Tonaquint and Cottonwood cove parks just off of Dixie Drive. I recommend all the hikes to all ages. Not strenuous, and super fun. Whiterocks has a sand hill at the top that is white sand. It is a fun contrast to the red sand in Snow Canyon. If you do the Lava Tubes, bring a head lamp for each person. Some people fell and hurt themselves, others hit their heads. Not serious, but being careful is a must there. Cottonwood Cove Park is super fun for kids as well as adults. Plenty of toys that could keep anyone entertained for a long time. It is usually very busy though. It needs a ground duty :) "

Brandon from Orem visited on Nov 6, 2015

"Emily, the kids and I went to Snow Canyon. We hiked Johnson Trail which was nice and then played in the Sand Dunes for hours. The kids loved the soft sand and the weather was perfect.

Landon beat both his parents at Thurn and Taxis and was so happy he did four victory laps around the living room cheering for himself. Thanks for leaving that game Zacc and Michelle.

Thanks for our first of many visits."