Flash House Details


Upon entering the Sienna development, go around back until you can see the pool. Unit 7 is up the right-hand stairway and at the end of the walkway. You can park near the pool.

Front Door Operation

The front door has a keypad on it. To unlock the door, you type the code and then push the lock button. To lock it from the outside, you just push the lock button. Make sure to get the code from Ravell before arrival.

Arrival Checklist

The house has a checklist printed in the house. However it might be important to know these few things before arrival.

During Your Stay


Departure Checklist

There are a bunch of things that need to be done to get the house ready for the next vacation. Please use the printed list in the house. Some of the list is here so you can plan your departure time accordingly.

If you feel inclined to leave a gift for Flash House, check out the wish list.

Make sure to sign the Guest Book before you leave.