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Dubai Birds

Feb 20, 2013
I went to Dubai for work and was able to get some time to visit Dubai Creek Park. This is a large park on the side of the creek that runs through Dubai. I was surprised by the number of birds I saw there. After getting home I found out that it is a great place for birding. I'm glad I took the opportunity. I had two favorite birds that I saw. First the Hoopoe. Hoopoe I was amazed at how much it looked like a dinosaur. I saw some Hoopoe a few times and they were always in groups of 2-4 in short grass. It looked like the feathers on the back of the head were a crest that they could fan out, but I didn't see any of them do it. Wiki says this is the last extant species of it's family, but at the next level up it is related to kingfishers and rollers, which brings me to the roller. Roller Emily asked me to not bring home a physical souvenier, but instead requested pictures of birds. One day I was in the large back yard of the Grand Hyatt and successfully photographing some new species for Emily when I saw this blue streak fly through the air and land on a distant tree. It was about the size of a Blue Jay or maybe a little bigger. When it landed it was mostly brown with a little blue peaking out so it was hard to find. Each time I got close enough to set up to take a picture with my 10x zoom it would fly away. My coworker told me he was going on a walk so I decided to go with him. He took me to Creek Park and we spent a few hours there getting pictures of new (to me) species. On the way out I saw the blue streak again and tried a little harder. Once again, it would fly away, but I managed to get two blurry pictures of it. You can see more pictures of the roller at this external website. -- Brandon

Saving a Downy

June 18, 2012
The Spotlight Bird is the Downy Woodpecker. Northern OrioleYesterday Ruby saved a Downy Woodpecker's life. It bumped into our deck window. Ruby cried, " A bird flew into our window!" Emily said, "Was it the one that did that in the living room?" "No, just now." We went out. We saw a poor Downy Woodpecker on the deck, with its wing stuck in a crack of the deck. Emily lifted it out of the crack. It was terrified, so we tried to put it in a shoebox, and it recovered. It is now happy. -- Kelsie